ADD Floating/Pop-up Adsense ads widget in Blogger

Do you know, Google is gonna banned you after showing adsense ads into a pop-up or floating screen?
Google Adsense Pop-up/Floating Ads

If yes, then why you searched for it! Many new bloggers want to earn more by showing adsense ads on a pop-up screen but after some time, they get banned. Before taking any step, you should view Google’s Terms and Conditions which may helps you not to get banned by Adsense. Also see other tips for not getting banned by Google. Best step is Adding ads between your blog posts which can also let you earn more. 

If you are still interested in showing ads in the pop-up or floating screen to
maximize your earnings then, follow the below steps.
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Layout.
  2. In the sidebar or anywhere, click add a widget.
  3.  Select HTML/JavaScript from the given list.
  4. Add Below pop-up widget code there and save the Gadget.
You can change the numbers and words in red according to your requirement, otherwise leave it as it is and just only put your Google Adsense Code. If you are having any problem then let us know..

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