4 Best Methods to Earn $10,000 Money From your Blog

money from your blogBlogging is a hobby these days which let you earn huge amount. There are many bloggers around the world. But, very less number of them succeeds in their life otherwise many got tired of blogging. Reason behind failure is lack of patience and time. If you also like to add yourself in top bloggers then, you have to do smart work instead of hard work.
Traffic is the goal of blogger, and if you are receiving good traffic on your site then, you can choose one or more ways to make money from your blog easily. Let’s see what are blog money making ways.

Methods For making Money From Your Blog

1. Apply for Google Adsense

Ad-sense is a largest and most popular ad-network run by Google itself. Top earning blogs make thousands of dollars each month through it. You can apply for Adsense HERE. Once get approved by
Google Adsense, you can apply ads on your site and start making money when someone clicks on your ad. Don’t forget to read terms and conditions before applying.

2. Show banned Ads

Showing these ads can be very helpful for you. Many big bloggers are earning huge income by showing these type of ads. Display banner Ads work on monthly bases earning where Advertiser sites pay before displaying their to make money from your blog.
Buysellads is a largest platform for buying and selling banner ads online. Let’s calculate earning through it!
  • Suppose total Impressions on ad= 10,00,000
  • Price per thousand impressions= $5
  • Total monthly earning using a single banner= (10,00,000/1000) * 5 = $5000
Keep in mind, this earning type is not for beginners.

3. Write Reviews About Products

Do you know, several reviews you read on different sites are paid reviews.
Yes! that’s truth.
There are many companies that pay cash to bloggers for writing about their stuff. Some companies also pay to link their sites in your blog article. So you find some companies and ask them to write reviews of their products or share their link which surely helps to make money from your blog.

4. Earn Through Your Own Service

Selling own service or product online is a better way make handsome income online.
You can sell either ebook, software, app, video course or any product online. You can also earn cash through Web hosting Affiliate program. Where you have to show banner ad or link ad on your blog for hosting company and the product buying through your visitors will let you earn very huge commissions. So, find out best hosting company sites like DreamHost, BlueHost, HostGator, etc to start making money from your blog.

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