Ways To Get Dofollow Backlinks From Reddit For FREE

How to get backlinks from reddit
So you were looking for how to get dofollow backlinks from Reddit or how to free backlinks from Reddit then I am going to show you how to get backlinks from Reddit, As you might be knowing that Reddit is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites on the internet and the amount of traffic you can get from Reddit is immense, Many beginner blogger don’t know or don’t utilize the full potential of Reddit and by using your mind smartly you can get dofollow backlinks from Reddit for free in fact you can significantly improve your website ranking in google very quickly by using this trick So basically in this post I am going to share few tips and tricks on how to get backlinks from Reddit So without
wasting much time lets dive into

How To Get Backlinks From Reddit Dofollow

How to get dofollow backlinks from Reddit
Basically are two ways by which you can get backlinks from Reddit and I am going to share both the ways with you by method 1 you are going to get not going to get dofollow backlink but by using the other trick you can easily get lots of free dofollow backlinks to your website or blog very fast and quickly So lets see

Way to get backlink from Reddit – Method 1

1) Go to Reddit and log in to your account if you haven’t got you account yet you can sign up for Reddit by clicking on the create an account link at top right hand side
2) Now after you log in simply click on submit a link button as shown below
3) Now enter good descriptive and eye catching titles, the URL of your blog post or article link and select the appropriate and most relevant subreddit
4) After that enter the captcha code and hit the submit button at the bottom! That’s it done

Way to get backlinks from Reddit – Method 2

Now by the above method you can get a backlink to your blog or website from Reddit but that link with be not dofollow ie it will be nofollow So how can you actually get a legit free dofollow backlinks through Reddit So below are few tricks by which you can build easy backlinks to your blog sites from Reddit

Tips and Tricks to get backlinks from Reddit

1) Let me tell you that by using the above method you can earn a backlink from reddit but you have to be little careful here and many beginner bloggers make this mistake that they only share their own blog post links on Reddit and not sharing other people articles and posts, by doing this you account may get suspended or banned by Reddit moderators and I myself got banned from reddit without knowing because they put silent ban on your account what this means is that you will be able to log in to your account but when you access you account page direct url then it will show 404 page not found
So if you were not know this then do check you account if you are banned then create another account and do follow my advice which I have given above, you can check you reddit account status by this query
Replace Your-user-name with yours 
2) If you account is safe then do try to share other people posts, videos from you tube, images from imgur as on the front page of reddit you can find that most of the posts are from youtube and imgur So first take some time to build up your karma point by contributing to the community then you can
3) After you have earned good amount of karma then start sharing your own blog posts or website links but don’t overdo it and keep the sharing ratio of 80:20 where 20 is your blog posts links by this way you will keep you account safe as well as moderators happy
4) Now you if you manage to get your articles more up votes then surely you can get indirect dofollow backlinks from other sources from internet since Reddit is so popular and if you manage to get on the first page of that particular subreddit then also you can earn quite a large number of backlinks and I think that it’s the best trick to get many dofollow backlinks to your blog if you manage to crack the top news and hacks in your niche or industry
So friends this was the best trick on how to get dofollow backlinks from Reddit and if you like this trick then please share on Reddit itself to improve your karma level and abiding by my above mentioned rules ( lol) and don’t forget to subscribe to get more link building tips and tricks!  Enjoy.

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