How to Choose A Career That's Suited For Me

The main reason most people feel horrible every morning while going to work is that they have chosen a job that doesn’t suit them.
When searching for a job or selecting a career people usually make the same mistake of looking at the job’s advantages while ignoring their own personal needs. It became very common to hear phrases like:
"How come you want to refuse that job offer, everyone would dream of such a career!!"
"You must accept that offer, the salary is just great"
Such phrases might sound encouraging but the consequences of accepting a job just because it has good advantages or choosing a certain career just to get some benefits might be prolonged sadness or even depression!! If you really want to find the best career that suits you then you must begin by identifying your needs.

If your career doesn't suit you then you will be unhappy

I wake every morning, someone brings me breakfast at my bed, I grab the laptop from the desk beside me and I start working!!!
Yes I work from home and my main source of income is which brings me thousands of dollars every month. When I first began working as a trainer I became very successful and I caught the attention of the media in no time. 
Every now and then I appeared on television, everyone was talking about my courses and how great they were But there was a big problem, I hate fixed schedules, I hate to travel just to give a session and I even hate talking for four continues hours everyday.
At this point I realized that I have two options. The first is to keep my successful business but live unhappy and the second is to find another career that makes me happy but that is not guaranteed.
At that time 2knomyself only used to bring me 500 dollars a month and that prevented me from considering it a reliable source of income. In the end I decided to quit and I focused on my website. Few months later my website started to bring me much more money than my business used to bring me.
This time i was really happy because not only i choose a career that suited me but because i also became successful in doing it.

Identify your needs to find the career that suits you

What are your needs? Do you love social life or do you want to work alone?
Do you want privacy or do you adore cubicles?
Do you love dealing with people or do you prefer computers?
Do you want to wake up at 6 am or do you want not to have a fixed schedule?
Do you want to go to an office or do you want to work from bed? 
After you identify your needs you can then search for the a career that will help you satisfy most of those needs. When doing a job interview don’t be shy to ask questions that will help you know whether it’s the right career that suits you or not.
For example, If you can't stop exercising then a job that takes 12 hours a day is not the right job for you. Asking the interviewer about the working hours will definitely help you know if this career is the one you are looking for or not.

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