Ways To Improve Personal Blog Appearance

Personal blog is a business card for you so you need to make it shine. You cannot do that just with the content that you write.

The appearance of a personal blog is obviously something that is subjective. You may not agree with some of the suggestions below because of that. However, it is really important that you take into account everything that could improve your online presence since nowadays, personal branding is vital. here are some suggestions to consider.

Building An Attractive Website Navigation
By simply having a website navigation that is highly attractive and well-designed, you can
keep people on the blog for a longer period of time as they are tempted to explore. Obviously, the navigation can also highlight your personality, which you do want from a personal blog. Experiment with different navigation bars. Make them smaller or larger and see what gets more clicks. Just make sure that everything fits in well with the overall theme of the blog.

Add Your Best Posts In Sliders
The common approach with personal blogs is to add a slider with the latest posts added to it. Take the leap towards a plugin that allows you to choose what you add to the slider. If possible, look for as many customization options as possible. That allows you to clearly highlight featured posts or other posts you see as being really important for your personal blog.

Improving Post Navigation Links In Posts
After reading a blog post, many visitors are wondering where to go next. If the article was really good, the visitor wants more. In most themes we have previous and next links at the end of a post but they are not that attractive. 
If you want to make the area even more useful, use one of the plugins that allow the addition of the featured image to the link in this region. It only makes everything more attractive.

Adding Call To Actions To The Footer
The general belief is that nobody looks at the footer of a site. This is completely incorrect. In fact, the footer is browsed by many visitors and most personal blogs out there just add a blogroll and some general copyright information in this region. Do take that extra time to add some sort of call to action to the footer.

Adding Popular/Featured Widgets
One thing that you can do is use tabbed widgets. Use one that features popular posts (those with the most traffic), featured widgets (those that you choose) and recent posts (really common and necessary with all blogs since visitors expect to see this). As with any other addition you make to the personal site, make sure that it will look great. When using some plugins there is no way to make them fit. Also, you can take the same tabbed based approach with social media profiles if you have many and you want to add them to your site. Adding one widged for each would clutter the design.

Smartly Fitting In Ads
When creating the design for a site or even when choosing a theme for a WordPress install, you do want to see areas that can incorporate ads. If ads look like afterthoughts, advertisers will not really be interested and visitors will not be tempted to click them if you add them.

Adding A Top Search Bar
The best possible position for the search bar is really high on the page. The only thing that you have to be careful is that you do not take attention from the more important parts of the site. Such a small addition to the blog’s design can easily increase time spent on site. Many think that a search box in the sidebar is enough but most internet visitors will look for the search box in the first pixels of the site, usually in the right side.
Carefully Choosing Post Images
The process of selecting post images stands out as a really important decision, one that is often overlooked with personal blogs. Every single image that is used has to stand out and has to make the reader want to click. At the same time, you want to be sure that the post image is styled properly in order to fit the design of the blog in a proper way.
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