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I am sure you’re a blogger and want to boost earnings from Google Absence, that’s why you are reading this post. Today most bloggers are making money with CPC Ad Networks like Google Absence, Affiliate marketing, paid reviews, video blogging and many more. Out of these blog monetizing options Google AdSense is the most widely used and desirable way of making money with blogging.

To make a considerable income from Google AdSense (The Great CPS Ad Network), you must have
a reputable blog. Are you already making some money with this amazing blog monetization network? Do you want to know how to boost your Google AdSense Income? I am sure you want to know this, so keep reading this post.
Today in this post I will talk about the three most reliable and proven ways to boost Google AdSense Income from a blog or website. These effective strategies are tested by many bloggers and they got amazing results. To make this work for you too, you will need to make a plan and stick these strategies. If you Google for finding ways to boost Google AdSense earnings you will find people sharing AdSense boosting tricks like “using same color ads as of your blog text and links”, “wrapping up ads with the text”, “using maximum allowed ad units” and  “sparkling the high paying keywords”. These tactics do work but the strategies you going to read in below lines are far better and result oriented.

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  • 1 3 Strategies To Boost Google AdSense Income
  • 2 1. Target US-UK-Canada Traffic
  • 3 Make A list Of Popular Blogs
  • 4 Make a List Of High PR Forums
  • 5 2. Smart Keyword Research
  • 6 3. Launch Giveaways Smartly
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3 Strategies To Boost Google AdSense Income

In below lines I am sharing with you the 3 best strategies for boosting income form Google AdSense.  Remember, you can only make money with efforts, smart working and effective plans.

1. Target US-UK-Canada Traffic

You Google AdSense earning will skyrocket if you manage to get massive traffic from countries like US-UK-Canada. Now the one million questions is – How to drive traffic form these countries? You need not to worry about this; I am here to help you about this. There are two most effective ways to get traffic from US-UK-Canada and other European Countries.

  • Make A list Of Popular Blogs

In this method you need to prepare a list of most popular blogs in your niche that are receiving enough web-traffic form these European countries including US, UK and Canada. Review Alexa stats to know that from which countries these blogs are getting most of their traffic. Follow those blogs, and leave meaningful comments on these blogs to build better affiliation with owners of these blogs. Keep doing this for a month or so and then send them a polite request for writing a guest post for their blogs. Chances are there that you will be able to get approval and that’s it, you are almost done to receive massive traffic to your blog from above countries.

  • Make a List Of High PR Forums

In this method you need to prepare a list of most popular US-UK-Canada based forums with high Page Rank (PR) that relate to your niche.  Visit these forums and register for a free account and start sharing some quality posts but do remember to stick to their terms and condition to avoid from being banned by these forums.  Add few links from your blog post in your signature. Always post meaningful and useful posts. Do this with discipline and strategically.
With these two most useful methods you will be able to get enough traffic from European countries especially US, UK and Canada that will surely improve your Google AdSense Income to a great Extent.

2. Smart Keyword Research

As a blogger one cannot ignore the importance of Keyword research when we talk about SEO and other ways of capturing organic traffic. It is a matter of fact that “high paying keywords return high CPC”. So, how can we do a smart keyword research?
Here I am going to share with you a smarter way of doing keyword research that you can use every time you write a blog post.
First perform a keyword research and collect some keywords with low competition and some high paying keywords as well. Here our goal is to obtain maximum organic traffic, so don’t care about CPC of low competition keywords.

Once you have finished the keyword research, now it’s time to craft some quality blog posts by targeting those low competition keywords. Sparkle the high paying keywords near to your Google AdSense, just do it smartly.
So what is the trick here? Very obvious, you will get high organic traffic by targeting low competition keywords and high paying ads display by sparkling high paying keywords.
As result you will be able to boost Google AdSense CPC and your blog traffic at the same time.

3. Launch Giveaways Smartly

Launching Giveaways is undoubtedly one of the most effect ways of blog promotion. Giveaways will help you reach more people in a short time and encourage new visitors to your blog or website. This will also result in more social sharing, new readers and email subscribers like never before.
To help yourself getting started, you can start a guest posting giveaway. You need to set winning criteria like maximum social shares or maximum comments on guest author posts.
Just think about the results…

  • Your blog will update frequently as Guest authors will write high quality content for your blog frequently.
  • Google and all other Search Engines prefer blogs frequently updated with high quality content.
  • Higher search ranking for your blog.
  • High organic traffic will trigger the second AdSense booster.
  • Your blog will get traffic from various sources and countries as the guest authors like to share their posts on social networks, this will revitalize our first AdSense booster.
  • You AdSense ads will get more clicks as new readers will be landing on your blog.
Let’s Calculate;
More Content + More Social Shares + More Visitors + More Readers + More ad Clicks = More Money

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