Are You Searching Keyword For Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

So, you have found a profitable niche and started your blog, now your next target is to create Search Engine optimized posts. In order to create great content that is SEO friendly at the same time, first you should do keyword researchSo, What Type of Keywords to be used?
Your target keyword should have two below mentioned characteristics;

Higher in search volume
Low competition

So looking for keywords that have high search volume and have low competition, Jaaxy is the a best
place to start with.

How To Do Keyword Research?

Just think about, what type of keyword and phrases people would use to search to solve their problems in your niche. At first place, you don’t need to be clever enough, just start simple. All you need is a common word or phrase that best describes your niche or business. Jaaxy will help you to find more traffic driven and SEO-friendly keywords later.

For example you own an online shoe store, first you can for a single word “brown shoes”. Using Jaaxy keyword research tool you can find hundreds of keywords that contain the word brown shoes. Now you are presented with so many results for your search, you have to narrow down these results.

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