Running One Blog or Multiple Blogs.. What Is Best ?

Bloggers, when newbies, they easily get lost in starting out multiple blogs.
They feel to blog about everything they come across. They like to be everywhere.
Single or multiple blogsThey start many blogs, without thinking whether they can handle it. Often times, they get so overwhelmed about the updation of multiple blogs that they start to hate blogging.
Ok, I’ve been there before.
At normal, every of your blog demands at least 1-2 HQ posts a week. If you have, say like, 5 blogs, you need to write 1 or 2 posts daily. That’s not all!
You need to promote the content on social media. Build backlinks. Do outreach. Commenting.
Without the above, you will not achieve success. You will end up being, a machine sitting in front of another machine.
Here’s the real deadlock. Ok. Let’s say. You grew your all 5 blogs to a certain level in one year.
Now what? None of your blogs is driving great results for you. How hard you work, no results! You
grow anxious.
Why? You are pouring it all… you are diluting your efforts on your multiple blogs…
Now, you feel like you badly need to ditch two or three of your blogs. You only can imagine the pain it causes while wrapping up your blogs, that have received your sweat over a year.
You need to understand the following quote.
A life without limits is taking a cup of red dye and pouring it into the ocean, and watching the color dilute into nothingness.
-Leo Babauta (Power of Less)
Imagine, that you are working on three blogs for 2 hours daily, that’s a total of 6 hours. Imagine the amount of success you get when you focus the 6 hours on growing a single blog.
By concentrating on a single thing, single blog, at a time, you can drive excellent results. Focus on one blog. Focus on quality. Promote like crazy. Attract authoritative links by producing great pillar content. Focus on readership. Analyze the statistics. You will drive great results from your single blog.
Bloggers have to remember that life’s not all about blogging. There’s the world other than internet world.
You have to talk with your family members, friends and do some recreational stuff.
Here are the benefits of having only one blog.
  • More focus, more success.
  • Less stress.
  • No cabin fever.
  • Leads to creative thinking, as your focus will be only on one blog topic.
  • More time for doing more real world things.
  • Passive income opportunities.
  • A successful blog attracts great sponsored posts.
See any successful professional full-time bloggers. They have 1 or 2 main blogs to work on. See any successful hobby-bloggers, they only concentrate on 1 or 2 blogs. One may be personal.

I want to manage multiple blogs. What to do?

See, if you want to start two blogs. Well, that’s ok.
Here’s the most important thing you need to know.
The broader the niche, more updation is required.
For SEO niche blog to succeed, 1 epic high-quality blog post a week or a two is essential.
For a broad Tech niche blog, you need at least 3-4 blog posts a week.
For a multi-topic blog, you need to at least produce 3-4 blog posts a day. If you plan to start a general multi-topic blog, make sure you have multiple authors, to distribute the work.
The above blogging frequency is required to get decent rankings and traffic, in their respective niches.
So, if you STILL WANT TO start two blogs, I would recommend you start two niche blogs or a single broad niche blog.

What if you are a student?

You got studies, exams, and college schedules.
With these things in hands, you may feel overwhelmed with multiple blogs at your hands. You may end up having no free time to do other activities, chatting, talking, hanging out along with blogging.
Imagine this. If you are a Computer science student like me, blogging is not the only reason you sit in front of your computer. You’ve got programming, assignments, and distracting-yet-unavoidable social media. Now imagine of having multiple blogs that are content-hungry. Didn’t your heart skip a beat?
With multiple blogs along with other daily tasks, you may end up sitting forever in front of your screen. You may develop cabin fever, anxiety, electronic screen syndrome.
In spite of all these, if you handle multiple blogs, you will not be able to get results from any of these blogs. Overstressed mind kills creativity.

Now, I have multiple blogs, what I need to do?

If you have decided to unplug yourself from handling multiple blogs, because of your hard work wasting, you need to do Pareto analysis.
“Pareto Analysis or the 80/20 rule enables you to see by doing what 20 percent of the work you can generate 80% of the benefit of doing the entire job.” <credits>
Here consider the benefits as getting readership, rankings, earnings, more done in less time and enjoyment.
Ditch all the blogs that you find uninterested in. Because, forcing your mind to do a thing which you have no passion, leads to anxiety.

Wrapping up
You need to be extra careful when starting new blogs. Starting a new blog and installing WordPress on it, may be a child’s game. Anyone can do that. Starting a multiple blogs is a great feeling. But as time goes on, you will regret. You will render your mind overstressed.
You will end focusing on no blog. No success.
Start only one blog. Excavate, explore, research, be unique in your one and only one niche. You will stand out.

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