How to Get Digg Traffic

Digg is a social bookmarking service that has the power to generate traffic spikes to your website, amounting to tens of thousands of visitors if a story is popular enough to reach the homepage. However, few stories do; the vast majority of the content submitted to Digg never gets that far because Digg users do not discover and vote for it. Generally, you cannot expect results if you simply create a Digg account and submit a story; you need to become an active member of the community and contribute content that adds value and generates interest to get the most traffic possible from Digg.

Participate in the Community

The most popular stories on Digg attract votes largely because of Digg's social nature; if you have followers, they receive notifications when you vote for stories you like. If they vote, their followers
are notified, and traffic to the story begins to build exponentially. To gain followers, participate in the Digg community; vote for and comment on stories you enjoy, and follow other Digg users. Wait until you have a significant number of followers before submitting stories from your own website.

Digg Button

Add a Digg button to each article you publish to give your readers a fast way to submit your stories to Digg. When your stories are submitted by many different Digg users and not by you alone, it adds legitimacy to the submissions and assures other users that your content was submitted because someone genuinely found it interesting. The Digg button makes it possible for someone to submit your story with only a few mouse clicks.

Submit Carefully

Do not submit every story on your website to Digg. When you do this, it becomes obvious to other Digg users that your only interest is self-promotion. If you evaluate the content on your website, you will probably find that it contains many stories that are of interest to select groups of people and a few stories that thousands of people might enjoy if they read it. Submit only stories from the second group. In addition, when you read interesting content on other websites, submit them to Digg; when you help others find interesting content, you may gain new followers.

Grab Attention

When you submit stories to Digg, it is not always a good idea to leave their original titles intact. Instead, edit the title of a story to catch the attention of a reader who scans content quickly. A title that is humorous, controversial or contains an element of sensationalism is likely to make someone stop and click. Digg users also often like articles containing quick tips or top-ten lists because these types of stories can be scanned quickly.

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