How has Google's operations strayed from its original mission statement

A Google's (GOOG) mission statement has been the same since its inception in 1998: "Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." It also has a motto worth mentioning: "Don't be evil."

Google's Original Business Model

For an Internet search company, placing a deep focus on organizing the information on the Internet and making it useful to the masses makes perfect sense. For a small company looking to make waves, which describes Google pre-2000, a focus on not being evil also makes perfect sense.
However, Google is no longer just a search company, and it is definitely no longer a small company looking to make waves. It has become a multifaceted company
that can make tsunamis with the addition of a single product or service. Google is comprised of the Gmail email client, the Android mobile operating system, weather balloons that deliver Wi-Fi, the wearable technology Google Glass that records life from the vantage point of the user, and oh yeah, it still has its flagship search product.
With Google's expansion into multiple products and services, it does not make sense for its mission statement to be one that only touches on the organization of the world's information in such a way that it is universally accessible and useful. Additionally, with the size of Google, it is more important than ever to maintain its motto, "Don't be evil." The larger the company gets, the more likely it is to become the giant multinational that small companies fear becoming.

New Company Business Model

With an emerging business model that moves away from Internet search, a new mission statement needs to be created that works to encompass all Google does in 2015. Its new business model is one that aims to advance technology in such a way that it solves large-scale societal problems.
The weather balloons mentioned above, for example, are a pet project of Google that looks to bring Internet access to developing countries. This does not fit in with the current mission statement at all, yet is a large part of what makes Google great.
Google needs to change its mission statement so it fully communicates what it is the company does: make the world a better place through the implementation of cutting-edge technology. The current mission statement sells itself short and does not do a good job of conveying the value Google seeks to add to the world.

New Mission Statement to Match Google's New Business Model

Google needs to combine its motto of "don't be evil" with its focus on making the world a better place. It is not just a search company anymore, and its mission statement should reflect that. Instead, Google should implement the following mission statement:
"Build technology in such a way that it works to make the world a better place."
This potential mission statement does a much better job of letting both employees and consumers understand Google's focus.

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