Top 20 Highest Cost Per Click Keywords

Highest Cost Per Click Keywords To Focus On For Lead Generation

Google makes 97% of their $33.3 billion revenue from their pay per click advertising.
You can adopt Google’s revenue model and send leads to your own advertisers using Income Activator’s pay per click program, set your own rates, tracks the clicks, and creates the invoices. Google is telling you which advertisers they make the most money from.
All of these advertisers that are advertising with Google have significant issues.

Top 20 Highest
Cost Keywords

1. Insurance
2. Loans
3. Mortgage
4. Attorney
5. Credit
6. Lawyer
7. Donate
8. Degree
9. Hosting
10. Claim
11. Conference Call
12. Trading
13. Software
14. Recovery
15. Transfer
16. Gas/Electricity
17. Glasses
18. Rehab
19. Treatment
20. Student Loans

How To Find High Paying Keywords

You can use Google's Keyword Planner to see the average amount that advertisers are paying for each keyword. The Keyword Planner also shows you how many searches are performed each month for each keyword. You can also use the Google Keyword Planner for keyword research.

How To Find Advertisers Paying For These Keywords

You can find advertisers by simply doing a Google search for the keywords listed below and seeing who appears on the top and to the right of the search results. These companies are paying Google up to $50.00 per click.

It is easy to approach these advertisers if you have Google AdSense running on your website, these advertisers are already on your website, call them up and tell them you can dedicate a whole page to them and put links to their website that track the clicks. Step it up a notch and capture the visitor’s name and email address and what they are looking for, and send that information to your advertiser.

Infographic - Top 20 Highest Cost Per Click Keywords

Top 20 Highest Cost Per Click Keywords Infographic

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