10+ Best Blogger Tips and Tricks of 2015

A list of blogger tips and tricks for every webmaster that uses the blogger platform is given below. These tips and hacks can be implemented on all blogger blogs, enabling improvement of one's blog design and search engine optimization. For newbies and veterans, you can try out the following blogger tips and tricks .

Use HTML Templates In Blogger Blogs

Usually, blogger allows only xml templates, this blogger tip will enable you to use HTML templates on your blogger blog. To do this,
  • From your blogger dashboard,
  • Goto Template.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then select Revert to classic templates.
  • Select revert to classic template
  • Copy and paste your HTML codes for the template in the space provided.
  • Finally, save.

How to Add Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

Setting up custom robots header tags is an on page search engine optimization strategy that can influence your site's traffic and its ranking in search engines. You get to specify the parts of your blogger blog which web crawlers can crawl and index.

How to Lock/Unlock Blogger widgets

By default, some blogger widgets cannot be removed in the layout section.This includes the navigation bar and the attribution widget. To lock or unlock blogger widgets and make them removable or undeletable, follow the steps below.

  • From your blogger dashboard,
  • Navigate to layout
  • Click Edit on the blogger widget which you want to lock/unlock.
  • In the address bar, copy the widget's ID as shown in the image below.

Top Blogger Tips and Tricks

  • Next, goto your blogger template.
  • Click on Edit HTML
  • Using CTRL + F keys, search for the widget ID which you copied or click on Jump to Widget, then select the widget.
On finding the widget,

    To unlock,
  •  replace the field lock='true' with lock='false'
    To lock,
  •  replace lock='false' with lock='true'


How to Show Ads and Gadgets In Blogger  Mobile Version 

Some blogger widgets and gadgets like the recent posts widget, popular post widget, related post widget, social share and follow buttons etc can be included in the mobile version of blogger blogs. These widgets make your blog mobile friendly and also enable interlinking of post, which can help increase your blog's pageviews especially if most of your visitors are mobile users. This can also be done to the ads, where you can take advantage of the oppurtunity to make extra cash with ads displayed on the mobile version of your blog. 

How to Create HTML Sitemap Page in Blogger

Help your blog readers navigate easily through your blog, and view all its content in one place by including an HTML sitemap page. This sitemap page categorizes all the post on your blog depending on their labels. There is interlinking of one post to the other, which is an effective on page search engine optimization technique.

Meta descriptions can increase a blog's visibility in search engines, click through rate and make it rank higher in search engine result pages. For each blogger post, you can add a short keyword rich description of 155 characters that  summarizes the content of your post.

How to Centralise Blogger Title and Description

Give your blog a different look by centralizing the title and description. By default, the blog title and its description on blogger are aligned to the left, not unless you're using a customized template which has already implemented this. Following this link on how to centralize blogger title and description, the simple tutorial in the post will show you how to go about it.

Turn Off Comments for Individual  Blogger Post

Here, you can decide to turn off comments on specific posts on your blog. Your site's visitor on viewing these posts will not see the comment form. This can help reduce spam on your blog. To turn off comments for certain posts on your blog, follow the steps below.

To hide comments on new blogger posts,
  • Click on the new post icon to create a post
For existing posts on your blog,
  • Goto Posts, 
  • Select 'Edit' on the post  that you'll like to hide comments or the comment form.
  • In the right tab post settings , click on Options
  • Under the reader comments, Select either 'Don't allow, show existing' or 'Don't allow, hide existing'

How to Add  Read More Attribution Links to Copied Text in Blogger 

Including read more attribution links or credit links in posts on your blog can help create backlinks and drive traffic to your blog. Each time someone copies part or all of your blog's content into theirs, the URL of the post that was copied is automatically entered into their post. Linking back to your blog as the source of the content with the use of  a read more attribution code snippet for blogger blogs makes getting backlinks and traffic to your blog easier.

How to Disable Right Click On Blogger - Stop Copy Paste

This blogger tip/trick will enable you to disallow people from copying your blog's content. Any right click on mouse or selecting on posts will not be functional. Search engines like Google penalizes for duplicate content. You wouldn't want to get penalized because someone else decided to steal your content or their blog ranking higher in search engines than yours with your own content .


Automatically Open all External Links in a New Window On Blogger

Ensuring external links on your blog are opened in a new tab/window on web browsers can help retain your blog's visitors for a longer period and also reduce your blog's bounce rate. Imagine if your readers left your blog without returning to it because the link with which used in referring them to an external website did not open in a new window. For blogs that have hundreds or thousands of posts that include external links, it might be difficult or impossible to go through all of them in order to choose the option "open in new tab" provided when including links in blogger posts.

How to Add CommentLuv Plugin On Blogger Blogs

The commentluv plugin on a website increases the number of comments on posts on the website. Since those who comment are rewarded with a backlink to their blog, this encourages your blog readers to drop meaningful comments. More comments on your blog means it is popular and has authorithy. Here's how to add commentluv plugin in blogger blogs.

 With the blogger tips and tricks listed above, not only can you blog better, you can also make your blog look better

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