How to learn creative thinking

Have you ever been stuck?
Have you ever faced a big problem and didn't manage to find a solution for it? Just as you may have already guessed, creative thinking is the skill that will enable you to solve many of the problems that seemed to have no solution.Do you want to learn how to think creatively? Then read this article

How to think creatively

This is how to think creatively:
  • 1) Combine unrelated ideas: years ago i was passionate about computers and psychology, Two completely unrelated fields. Most people who love two different things usually pick one and focus on it but a creative person will always try to combine different things together even if they were not related. What about an internet business that is based on psychology? That site you are visiting was a creative solution to the problem of liking two completely different fields and it made a millionaire as well.
  • 2) Produce more ideas: Some people mistakenly think that creative people come up with creative ideas all the time without being aware of the fact that one creative idea can come after 10 meaningless ones! Most famous writers and artists produce masterpieces after they produce lots of mediocre works. Keep trying and failing and you will eventually reach a creative solution (see also How to create a master piece).
  • 3) Forget about what you already know: The biggest enemy of creativity is past experience. Most people assume that what worked in the past will always work in the future and as a result they become stuck with certain solutions and thinking patterns that usually don't work. In short, most people are too educated to think creatively. If you want to think creatively then forget about your past experience, limiting beliefs, prejudges and think without any constrains. (see also How to find creative solutions to problems)
  • 4) Focus on the final goal not the solution: One large building had few elevators and high traffic. The responsible people wanted to make sure that the elevators move faster so that they reduce the waiting time of people. One suggested solution was installing new elevators but the creative solution applied was as follows: Monitors with entertaining shows were placed above the elevators in the waiting area so that people don't complain about the delay. In the end the problem was solved and people felthappy! If you want to learn creative thinking then you must think of the final goal, which was making people happy in this case, and not the fixed solution you want to implement.
  • 5)Fix your belief system: Your mind gets whatever it focuses on. You will never start getting creative answers to a problem before you first believe that this problem has a possible solution. Some people aren't creative because they are pessimists, they believe that they are stuck and as a result their minds never attempt to help them. Before you can think creatively you first need to believe that every problem has many possible solutions, in short, you have to believe that you are not stuck! 

Training can teach you creativity

The more you think creatively the more will your brain connections grow and the more creative you will become. If you weren't a creative person then you will have do to some effort before you can make these brain connections grow but in the end you will manage to do it.
Think creatively and you will become more creative. Apply the previous tips and you won't find any problems in learning creative thinking.

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