How To Create A Masterpiece

Before i can tell you how to create a masterpiece let me first define a masterpiece from the personal
development perspective.
A masterpiece could be a piece of art, a book, a speech, a business, an idea, a goal or any other thing that is too flawless and unique.
Based on this definition we can conclude that success in life is all about learning how to create masterpieces. For example, If your ideas were masterpieces then shortly you will become a very successful person provided that you put them into action.
So can any person create a masterpiece or do something that others never managed to do? Certainly that's possible!

People who created masterpieces

I am sure you are pretty familiar with the name Picasso. That famous artist created lots of masterpieces that made him really famous but the question is, do you know how many artworks did Picasso produce in his entire life?

Its something north of 100,000 artworks! Some internet sites say that the number is above 150,000 artworks!!
But do you know how many artworks were masterpieces? Only a fraction of what Picasso created in his entire life! Some of Picasso's artworks were mediocre while some were really bad.
The same goes for Shakespeare who wrote tens of poems, Sonnets and plays yet only some of them made him the Shakespeare we know today.

So how to create masterpieces

Did any bell ring yet?
Do you know that a great football player misses more shots than the ones he scores?
Creating masterpieces is all about producing more works or in other words trying more often! 
Had Picasso stopped trying after few mediocre paintings or had Shakespeare stopped after writing 10 below average poems we wouldn't have ever heard of them!
Creating masterpieces is all about trial and error! Its all about producing more and more work until you manage to reach the masterpiece. I am sure that you already know that Thomas edition made 999 failed attempts before he managed to create his masterpiece, the lamp! 

How can you create masterpieces

If you want to succeed in life and create master pieces then you must change your beliefs about luck, talent and success.
Lucky people are the ones who keep trying until chance favors them.
Talented people are the ones who keep trying until they master a certain skill. 
People who create masterpieces are the ones who keep trying until a masterpiece emerges from within tens or even hundreds of failed attempts.

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