Why I Blog?

For the past two months, I've desired for just one thing, "free time"! Yeah, you got it right, I have been giving my exams but finally, they have ended. Now I'm staring at the the plenty of free time I've got and and wondering why, in the first place, I ever wanted it? I slept, read, watched movies, did shopping and everything I wanted to do but still have a lot of free time in reserve. May be this is the only thing that is "free" and in excess these days.

I would stop boring you now and come to the point straight and that is, why do I blog? and the answer is, "I don't know!". When I was a student, I used to write poems and my friends suggested I should
write on a broader platform but being an introvert, I discarded the suggestion. But today, when I have nothing else to do, I decided to try my luck here i.e The Blogosphere. Talking about myself won't be a great idea so I would rather stick to the topic i.e. "Why PEOPLE blog?" The reasons, in my view, are few and simple which are as follows:

Yeah, there are some people like me who blog just because they have nothing else to do ;)

 2. They want to be heard

This,in my view,is the basic idea behind blogging. A part of us humans have always wanted to be heard when our emotions and fears go unnoticed by the fast moving world around us. We look for a way to gain attention from these so-called busy people in a way which suits them. A small appreciation to our work satisfies us a great deal and there's a feeling that we really exist.

3. Socializing experience

Another advantage of blogging and online interaction is broadening of vision and making new contacts at the cost of 1k per month ( :P ) I've spent around 3-4 years writing on different forums and meeting people from all walks of life and beliefs and for me its been a great learning experience.

4. Bloggers are learners

No blogger would ever want any information shared on his/her blog to be challenged by a reader so bloggers are always careful while mentioning even trivial information and do a lot of research on a subject before writing about it. As a result, their knowledge increases with time and gives them another reason to get addicted to the idea of blogging.

Ps: you can show off your knowledge in front of friends and earn some wow's too ;)

5. Means of earning money

Once you've become a successful blogger,you have a very high likelihood of making good money which is the basic necessity of every human being. The best thing about earning money through this medium is that there is no age limit.You can earn at an age of 12 years and keep earning even if you're 70. So, all those people out there who have words waiting to be said, its time to speak your heart out in this cyber world even if you're just another common person like me.

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