How To Add Adsense Anywhere in Blog Posts

You might have recently observed that I have integrated Adsense ads just between my posts and I choose those locations manually. This helps to keep my content neat and clean and as well as serve my revenue aims. To add adsense first you need to create a Ad unit using your Adsense Account and I just hope you guys know how to do that. If you don’t then don’t worry follow the steps below,

How To Create Adsense Ad unit or Link units?

  1. Simply go To you adsense account
  2. Then Adsense Setup > get Ads
  3. From the choices choose Adsense For content
  4. Follow the simple instructions to create either a Ad unit or link unit.
  5. Get the Adsense code and save it in a notepad for use in the next part of our tutorial.

How To Add Adsense Ads in between blogger posts?

  1. After you have written your post decide where you want to add the Ads. See the one of my sample posts below,

2.   In your Blogger Editor simply switch to the Edit HTML mode and paste the Adsense code you saved in notepad just below your chosen sentence/paragraph. In my case I will add the code just below that blue headline. Since I use windows live writer instead so it will look something like this,

3.  Publish your post and see it to see a beautiful AD hanging between your posts ready to be clicked! =d

Hope you liked it!

This method helps you manually add adsense wherever you want. However to make adsense appear just below post titles as you can see on my blog then you just need to paste your adsense code above  in your templates. In that case you will have to firstencode your adsense code.

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