Ultimate List Of Job Search Sites To Get You A Job

Imagine, a number of companies offering  you a job and you will  have to choose amongst them, unlike the other way round which is the normal case. Wouldn’t that be great? It would be much better if you could choose your job with your own suitability. Isn’t it? Instead of running around manually and submitting your resume for each job, now you can deposit your resume online to various companies depending on the job requisitions. Yes, it’s possible!! Believe It. Take a look at various job search sites where you could get a job while enjoying pop-corn. These sites provide you job offer.

  1. Naukri

Awarded the “Best Classsified site”  at the India Digital Awards 21012, Naukri.com is India’s one of the most popular job search sites where you will get a lot (believe me it’s a lot) of job chances and opportunities for you to sieze. Various tools along with job specifications are provided.


Monster-Job Search Sites

One of the most popular job search sites with a  very high estimated  unique monthly visitors. Every job seeker must have come to Monster.com for help. This ruler of job search sites provides jobs to all the communities all over the world.
Its “International Search” allows you to choose from a pool of jobs all across the globe. In this website you can post your resume and it also provides you with some excellent career tools which guides your way for getting a job.


Job-Job Search Sites

Same as Monster.com, Job.com also helps to find you a job abroad. You can choose jobs from various parts of the globe. Listing over 700,000 thousand offers this website enables you to upload your resume for the employers.


Yahoo Careers-Job Search Sites

Yahoo! Careers is one of the toughest competitors of Monster.com in job search sites. Its ability to provide content and information about the job makes this site very popular for job hunting. It provides a number of additional features such as Yahoo Answers and a powerful search search engine for visitor’s queries.

5.Net Temps

Net Temps- Job Search Sites
Filter out your job specification by opting for an option in full time or part time jobs. Net Temps.com helps you to get any kind of jobs. Temporary jobs for freelance workers can also be found out. This is the unique selling point of this website.


Indeed-Job Search Sites

Indeed is a meta search engine which provides a listings of the jobs by searching in various job search sites such as Hotjobs, Careerbuilder etc.  Indeed also looks out for the jobs from individual employers too. According to the specifications entered by the user it displays a list of jobs.

7.Career Builder

Careerbuilder-Job Search Sites

As is the name, Careerbuilder tries to build your career by providing you lot of job opportunities from various genres. Post your resume, choose your company or industry and you are good to go. It has a very unique “job alerts” feature which is not seen in other job search sites.

8.All Job Search 

All Job Search-Job Search Sites
Covering North American continent along with UK, All Job Search is a search engine listing out jobs from various websites. It searches from 200 websites, over 500 newspapers and over 300  newsgroups. A list of links for outside sources are also provided for you to include some of your favorite job search sites.
9.Simply Hired

 Simply Hired-Job Search Sites

Simply Hired  is one of the coolest job search sites available in internet. Its tools section provides you with some of the best features such as e-mail notifications, trend research, salary information etc. If you have not decided about what kind of job you want to do, check this site out.
10. USA.gov

USA gov.-Job Search Sites

USA government is providing jobs all over the world. Just you have to choose the discipline in which you want to work. Actual salary is also listed along with the kind of jobs.
11. College Recruiter

College Recruiter-Job Search Sites
College Recruiter is a search engine which interlinks over 11,000 career sites.
 12.AoL Jobs

AOL-Job Search Sites

Find your jobs in Aol.com which has quite a repute for provision of  job opportunities. You can upload your resume and choose from various categories.

LinkedIn-Job Search Sites

LinkedIn is a social network community center where over 150 million professionals exchange their ideas, information. This provides a number of opportunities for job seekers.

Ladders-Job Search Sites

Ladders.com is a website where you can choose your own recruiter. Two options of basic membership and premium membership are allowed. Premium membership comes along with some charge.

Dice-Job Search Sites

In Dice.com just enter job title, keywords or company name along with your city and state. The rest of the task will be done by the site which searches from over 84,439 tech jobs.

Vault-Job Search Sites

Vault.com helps to improve your career intelligence by providing you a lot of information about the companies such as its rankings, job profiles etc. Try choosing a job from various categories such as banking, consulting, law etc.

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