How to add background music to Blogger blog?

If you are interested in adding background music to your Blogger blog and do not know how to do this then this post will help you. We can let our users to listen some kind music while they are reading our blog posts. This thing can make their reading experience on your blog more enjoyable. You can let any kind of music in your Blogger blog’s background. This could be a super hit song of any movie or some other enjoyable instrumental music etc.


It is very easy to add any music file or song in the background of your Blogger blog.
To embed a music file in the background of your Blogger blog, you just have to add a small 3-4 lines HTML code in your blog. This code will embed the music file of your choice in the background of your blog. This music file or song will start automatically whenever you or your user will load any page of your website.

Steps to add background music in Blogger blog

Follow the below given steps to add background music in your blog.

  • First of all go to your Blog’s Dashboard > Template.
  • Then click on the ‘Edit HTML’ option.
  • After that find 
 code by pressing Ctrl+F in your template coding.
  • Then place the below given code just above the 
  • .
    <embed src="URL" autostart="true" loop="true" hidden="true">
    <bgsound src="URL" loop="infinite">

    • Must replace the highlighted URL in the code with the link of your music file you want to play in background.
    • After doing this click on the Save Template button to save your template.
    • Done!
    Now you can check your added background music on your blog by simply opening your blog. Every time users will visit to your blog or they load any page of your blog, they will listen the background music added by you.

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