Tricks to Get High Quality Backlinks by Blog Commenting

Backlinks building is the main task of Off page SEO. The more backlinks a website or blog will achieve, the more it’s ranking will grow up. Therefore, backlinks play vital role in search engine ranking. However, you need to keep in mind that backlinks from highly reputed and high PR sites work very well. Blog commenting is the most effective and popular way to get high quality backlinks for your site. I prefer blog commenting because of two reasons, one is backlinks from other blogs are highly reputed and relevant and another reason is ease of getting backlinks from blogs. In short, you can get lots of high PR and relevant backlinks very easily via blog commenting. Some people may disagree with me as they are not getting the result as I am getting. Main reason of this failure is not following the blog commenting strategies. Most of the people do spamming in the name of blog commenting. Thus they are not getting their desired result. This article is mainly for them who want to get high quality backlinks with less effort through blog commenting. You just need to follow some strategies while commenting on blogs to get the
most effective result. These strategies are described below:
1. Show yourself: First of all you need to prove yourself as human via providing your image. It’s not so hard. Just go to Gravatar and set your image by signing up for a new account (If you don’t have one). Make sure the image is enough attractive or professional. The image you will set here will be shown in almost every blog comment section. In addition, you must use your own real name. Never try to use any keyword as your name.
2. Mention the author: This is the most important fact that varies a human from a bot (automated software or script) which increases the opportunity of comment approval up to 90%. So, make your comment more realistic and effective by mentioning the name of the author. Mind it, I didn’t say admin, I said author. A blog may have several writers or authors in which case you need to be careful about the name.
3. Show respect and thank author: Showing respect or thanking the author is the best way to start your blog comment. Praise can blow anyone’s mind. Therefore, this trick will increase the chance of your comment approval.
4. Stay in the boundary: This is  also an important fact to proof yourself as pure commenter. It’s good to discuss about the topic on which the post is written. Try to avoid general discussion in comment section.
5. Ask for help: If you need any help regarding the mentioned topic, then ask your question. Basically making question makes you real help seeker which forces the admin to approve your comment and give reply.
6. Mention the source (if): This is the optional part of comment but most effective part which will give you authority. You can mention the name of the source from where you got the link or blog url. This practise is not very common but now many pro bloggers are using this trick. See the below image as example:
get high quality backlinks
Bonus Tricks:
1. Do email subscription in blogs that you want to use for blog commenting. Thus you will be notified when a new articles is published. This trick will give you an awesome opportunity to make the first blog comment which is much more effective and drives more traffic.
2. Make comment in commentluv enabled and top commentators enabled blogs. Backlinks from these kind of blogs are very effective as these backlinks are more powerful.
3. Making regular visit to blogging communities is an effective habit for blog commenting. Bloggers from all over the world share there blog posts via blogging communities. Therefore, you can easily find out the fresh blog posts to make the first comment over there.

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