7 Easy Tasks to Boost Up Your Newly Published Blog Post

Today I am going to share some quick but very essential tricks to bring flood of traffic to your newly published blog post. Generally most of the bloggers (except the pro bloggers) get confused about what to do after publishing a new blog post. Besides new bloggers do not own any rich email list to drive instant traffic to new content. Here my tricks will work to bring insane amount of traffic without any email list or vast social followers. Therefore, you need to complete these 7 simple and easy tasks after publishing every new blog post.


Submitting your new post’s link in major search engines is the first and foremost duty right after publishing new content on your blog. This action will also decrease the chances of being penalized if any other guy copy your content. Visit below links for direct submission:

You can also use Entireweb tool to make submission to 300+ search engines.


Ping sites can make your long journey very short. These are some kind of special tools that can submit a single URL to hundreds of search engines and directories within few moments. So, never forget to ping your new post’s link via best ping sites.


Social networks are the burning sea of traffic. Therefore, social networks can be used to drive insane amount of traffic. Make sure you share your new post’s link in major social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, VK etc. Before sharing your new content’s link you must be aware of social media sharing strategies for maximum engagement. I highly recommend you to read articles of Kim Garst to learn more about social media marketing. She is highly expert in this field and shares valuable information for getting maximum response from your social followers as well as to pump up your social follower list.


Blogging communities are like meeting place for world wide bloggers where you can submit your blog posts, you can read latest blog posts submitted by others, you can start conversation with other bloggers and so on. Submitting your new blog post to blogging communities can drive massive amount of new and highly targeted traffic to your blog. Some best blogging communities are Blogengage, Blokube, Kingged etc. Click here for more blogging communities.


This is an easy and effective way to get huge traffic as well as high quality backlinks within short span of time. Just you need to sign up and submit your new post’s link for starting the stream of traffic from social bookmarking sites. It’s highly effective to submit your new post’s link just after publishing. 


Blog commenting is the best way to get highly relevant and of high quality backlinks within short period of time. This is one of my favorite link building strategies that I use for my blog promotion. However, about 80% of the people are not getting good result as they are doing spamming in the name of blog commenting. Blog commenting is not just to say “thanks” or “nice post”, it about making conversation with the author. Therefore, you must follow the blog commenting strategies for maximum outcome and to build engagement with other bloggers. It is good to build some high quality backlinks for your new blog post via commenting on other relevant and high quality blog posts. See high PR blog list for commenting.


We are almost done with the simple tasks. Now it’s time to hit the deep tasks for better and long term blog traffic. Here I am listing some advance works that can improve your new blog post’s ranking in search result for constant traffic. It’s not necessary to complete all tasks in one day, take your time and do these tasks comfortably. Moreover, Google do not like building huge amount of backlinks in short time. So, be careful.
  • Go to forums and seek for people who need your resource and give them
  • Find relevant questions in Q/A sites and help others via your new post.
  • Make a relevant image and submit to image submission sites.
  • Make a relevant video and submit to youtube and dailymotion with post link.
  • Submit some articles for effective link building.
  • Ask your friends to share your post via social profiles.
  • If you have any email list then let them know via mail.
Hope this article will help you to get more traffic to your new blog post. I will be very happy if you share this content with your friends. If you think this post can further help you, then please bookmark this page for future use.

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