6 Science Behind Writing a Great Article Title that Attracts Most

Are you writing fantastic articles but not getting much readers??

Then I am sure, you are missing the bridge between your article and readers. This bridge is known as article title. Yap, the title of your article also plays the role of bridge between a successful and an unsuccessful (but amazing) writer. The title of any article or blog post is similar to peel of fruits. If the peel doesn’t look attractive you don’t eat that fruit, similarly if your title is not attractive people will not visit and read your article. Huh! I think you got the point.

In order to find a solution of this problem I did a small research and came up with a list of 6 ingredients that will make your article’s
title more juicy and increase your Click Through Rate (In short CTR). In this case, I mainly focused on human, not on search
engine bot. Yah, you have to write some articles for search engine bot (some of you may oppose me) but not all the articles. In order to get more CTR, Social shares and real engagement you must focus on your readers.
Okey, I am not going to make my intro long. Let’s have a look of 6 science behind writing a great article title that will attract most of the people and will drive more readers. Remember, it’s not necessary to apply all 6 science in every title (in most cases it’s not possible) but try to stick with at least 2 or 3 techniques in every title.


Putting number in your article‘s title will make a huge boost up by driving more readers to your article. People are more attracted to numbers and usually click on the titles that have number. Both odd and even numbers work fine but odd numbers are more effective comparing to even numbers. Some special magic numbers are 5, 10, 23, 100 etc.

For example: 10 questions you must ask yourself before starting a business.


Action words are the key to get huge number of readers via social share, social bookmarking as well as from search engine like Google. Basically, words that will inspire someone to make click on any link (title of any article) are known as action words. Some popular action words are Fast, Exclusive, Now, Claim, Killer, Effective, Try out etc.

For example: 7 Killer ideas to take your online business to next level.


It’s something for which people will trust you. Reliable words are somehow related to human psychology. No, you no need to learn human psychology to write a title for your article  . You just need to grab trust from people by using some words that people feel trust worthy. Some reliable words are Trusted, Verified, Proven, Reliable itself etc. However, you must keep in mind that you have no right to play with people’s emotion. Therefore don’t use reliable words here and there.

For example: Proven methods to remove stress via home exercise.


Almost 70% (just assuming  ) of people do an online search when they face any problem. Therefore, mentioning the problem in your title is the best way to attract the problem wrapped people of internet world.

For example: Everything you need to know to get rid of headache.


People ask questions and hope for a perfect solution. What if you give the solution via your article’s title? People will behave like metal as your title will work like magnate. Yah, If you don’t believe me just give a try to this technique.

For example: How to remove all PC viruses in 5 minutes.

(Some people might mess up between 4th and 5th points. Read carefully, headache is a problem not solution and removing PC viruses is a solution not problem)


Asking question is the best way to grab attention both from human and search engine bot specially Google (as Google prepared Hummingbird specially to answer the questions that people type in search bar). It’s so true that writing attractive title for articles has become very easy with this question asking technique.

For example: Are you looking for best IT job in Australia?

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6 Science Behind Writing a Great Article Title that Attracts Most

To sum up the arts behind writing great title I must say read, read and read. You must read articles and blog posts that gone viral and find out the secret. Who knows, may be the secret lies in its title. These 6 techniques are from my part, now share your secret ideas with me. If you have any other ingredient that can make titles juicier then please don’t hesitate to speak your mind via comment section

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