21 Website Analytics Tools to Get Free Instant Backlinks

Website analytics tools are very effective for increasing reputation of any website or blog. Just you need to use these tools wisely. The big advantage is that you can get free  instant backlinks from these analytics tools. Basically webmasters use these tools to see SEO report and analyze website statistics. Using these tools one can get detail information of any site including pagerank, reputation, number of backlinks, page loading time, alexa rank, whois IP, traffic estimation etc. In many analytics tools you can see detail information just by putting your site’s name and pressing analyze/check button. On the other hand, some analytics tools required registration for analyzing any site. In this article I am going to introduce 21 most effective website analytics tools that can help you to analyze your site as
well as build instant free backlinks for your site. I would like to start this list with the name of most effective and well known tool which is from world’s giant company Google.

Website Analytics Tools  
I think I have nothing to say about this tools. As, almost all webmaster and bloggers are well known about google analyticst tool. If you have less idea or no idea then please watch this video of Google Analytics Tool.
It’s a simple analyzing tool that will give you information about your site’s alexa rank, page rank, daily visitors, daily page views, backlinks, whois address, similar ranking site’s name, estimated price of the domain etc. I need to tell you that it’s information about daily visitors and page views are not accurate always. But still I like this site as it give a instant backlink with some visitors.
This tool will give you a instant backlink of page rank 4 along with your site detail such as IP address, whios address, alexa rank, safety rank, server detail, page size, page loading time etc.
4. Chkme
This is my most favorite tool which I use to check on page SEO health of my site. This analytics tool will give a SEO score out of 100 along with some important data such as use of h1,h2 and h2 tags, meta description, meta keywords, iframe test etc. I strongly recommend you to use this tool for better on page SEO result of your site.
5. Goingup
Goingup has various kinds of tools that can support you to get detail information about your site. You can also track visitors and page views of your site via this tool.
This web ranking tool is much important as it posses much reputation. This tool will give your site a score out of 10. It will show you a lot of important information regarding ranking. Webrankstats will offer you a free and reputed high PR backlink.
This tool is all about reputation which is being reflected by it’s name. Webutations will give  a reputation score out of 100 which is really a good sign for better SERP (Search engine result page).
McAfee is a well known antivirus and anti spam detection and research company which is trusted by millions of people. SiteAdvisor is an anti malware tool from McAfee which detects bad and good sites as well as give a badge. If your site gets green check sign from SiteAdvisor, it’s definitely a matter of party (I am just kidding).
9. Mywot
WOT represents Web of Trust which is important for every website and blog. You need to register in mywot and verify your site in order to get a reputed PR 6 backlink from this analytics tool as well as a lot of reputation.
10. Compete
Compete is similar to mywot where you need to sign up and add your site for better ranking.
11. Quantcast
It’s a deep analyzing tool that will monitor your site and give you all detail information and statistics.
It’s a marketing tool from Hubspot’s that will help you to analyze your site for better marketing.
This tool emphasis on traffic report. You will get better report by joining this site and by submitting your site.
14. Webconfs
A bunch of SEO tool is represented by Webconfs. There are a lot of analyzing tools such as SEO tool, backlink tool, traffic statistics tool, content checking tool etc. In one word it’s a store of SEO related tools.
15. Getrank
Getrank also holds numerous tools like Webconfs. You can analyze individual report for alexa rank, page rank, backlinks, link popularity, indexed pages etc. All these tools are much important for better analysis.
This analytics tool will check IP detail, Speed test, Google penalty test and some other basic analysis information of your site. Most amazing matter about this site is, you can get whole list of sites that assume a specific page rank.
This tool will show some basic information about your site. You can also compare visitors of your site versus others through this tool.
This tool has special  support for domains. You can get various kinds of detail report of any domain using it’s rich tools.
This tool has rich support for traffic and keyword analysis. You can also look upon hottest topics of last 7 days or last 30 days via Trafficestimate.
20. Webmine
Webine posses almost same tools that vampirestat posses. It will give you similar result as Vampirestat.
21. Cutestat
Cutestat is similar to Vampirestat and Webmine but it has some unique functions such as tag and keyword analysis.

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