How much Traffic do you need to Make Money with Adsense

Hello Friends, today we will talk about Adsense again, but this time we will not be talking about How to Make money with Adsense or How to get Approved Adsense How Much Traffic you Need to Make Money with Adsense“. Any Expert Bloggers reading this will think that it’s a crazy topic. But it’s not, because in Google Search there are many Searches on similar phrases like “adsense how much traffic to make money“, “How Much Traffic Adsense Make money“, etc. So, Here i am writing from those searchers as well as those Publishers who really don’t know about this. They really suffer and in the end,
get irritated due to lack of Money and quit blogging. I Don’t want them to quit. So, here i will explain briefly that How Much Traffic they Need to Make Money with Adsense. Let’s start without wasting too much time.
Account, Instead we Select twisted topic but very important for Bloggers.So, You are a Blogger. OK, Tell me How much Page views or Unique Visitors your Blog is having and How much Money you making daily as a Google Publishers. You Know, I am Asking this, because today we are talking on the same topic “

#1 Cost Per Click (CPC)

First of all you need to learn about “Cost per Click” which is really a key to Earn Money with Adsense. I think Many of should know that Adsense Earning depends on Keywords. There are many which will pay you $100+ for Single Click but Majority of Keywords will only pay $0.10 to $5. So, You need to Target those High Paying Keywords in Your Articles. Some of those are “Loans, car Insurance, Health, Forex Trading, Auto Insurance, etc.

#2 Click Through Rate (CTR)

This is the most important thing for Adsense Publishers Because if you have Tons of traffic and you still not making enough money, then, there is something wrong with your Ad Placement or its color. So, Always put emphasis on this. You CTR Rate needs to be around 5 to 8%, which will be perfect. For further Explanation, Suppose you get 100 Page Views and 8 of them clicked your Ads.

100 Page views / 8 Clicks = 8% CTR

So, You will have 8% CTR. Now, i think it’s enough for you, It’s time to move on and do more calculations of traffic.
Suppose Your Blog Receiving about 500 Visitors per Day.
500 Page Views – $2 Cost Per Click – 8 clicks per 100 Page views

Then, Per day Earnings will be: – 500*8*2/100 = $80

It Means with this amount of traffic and CTR , you will earn $80 Dollars. But i think it’s too much Dream type calculation. So, We make it a real one below.
1,250 Page Views – $ 0.40 Cost per Click – 4 clicks per 100 Page Views
Then, Par Day earnings will be: – 1250*.40*4/100 = $20
Now, this is a real calculation. You will need a minimum of 1250 Page Views Per day to Earn $20 from Adsense. Many Newbies and Medium bloggers find themselves here or below this. But for those who are below this landmark, i will only advice to keep this Calculation in mind and work accordingly. Soon you will get to this.
To Earn $500 Per day:-
It is not going to be easy, because to needs a lot of page views to hit this Earning landmark. But still we can give you the calculations about this.
If you are getting 20 Dollars for 1250 Page Views, then, to get $500 per day, you will need 31250 Page Views daily with a CPC of .40.
31250*.40*4/100 = $500
So, This Number of Pageviews can help you earn $500 per day. But this is not easy as i said before.
Here I wanna tell you one thing more, there are some Ads based on CPM (Cost per Mile) which means you will get Money for per 100 Impressions. But In Adsense Majority of Ads are CPC Based, So, you only Need to Increase your CPC and Also to get More earnings increase your CTR.
But still, if you are ablt to earn High from Adsense, then I will suggest you use some of the Google Adsense Alternatives. Although no one can match Google’s advertising company, but still you can try

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