Tips To Increase Blog Traffic With LinkedIn


Today’s article is consider about how you can drive huge traffic from LinkedIn. As we all know that LinkedIn is one of the best and popular social networking site and also famous world wide. You can share your ideas, content on this social media site. If you owned your business and want that it spread all over the native places than you can advertise your business and career in this social networking site. There are million of users available on LinkedIn. Also its a best platform to build good relationship with other peoples.

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic With LinkedIn

Your Relevant Profile

Your profile play an vital role when you used LinkedIn. Only the profile is that way which tells about your interests, hobbies etc. So if you start an business than you can fill your bio with some relevant info related to your information. Keep your profile public so the unknown people will know you better.

Be Active And Consistent

If you want huge traffic from LinkedIn than you have to keep update your blog daily and you have to behave like an professionalism blogger and businessman. Be active and consistent with your blog.

Join Groups

You can join various groups which having same interest as your, try to build relationships with peoples of having same interests as like you. Maintain good relationships with people and share your carrier plans and business ideas with others. Discuss and make conversation with people on different articles of your blog.

Post Blog Articles As Status Updates

If you want that your LinkedIn people will also know your blog better than you have to put your posts and articles in your LinkedIn site. Just like other social media sites, publish your content and grab huge traffic from it.

LinkedIn with Twitter

A great way to share your blog post on your LinkedIn profile and your twitter stream simultaneously is by using an application such as HootSuite. You can select the tweets which you want visible on your twitter profile and on your LinkedIn profile. Hootsuite allows you to post directly on Facebook, including thumbnail, and a few other social networks.

Apps To Promote Your Profile

You can show our presentation with SlideShare, also show your testimonials with online video Lewis Howes trick, and most importantly you can promote your blog with the WordPress application. This can be a great technique ever.

Share Your LinkedIn Profile Link

You can share your profile link along with you blog. You can create an widget and put it on left, right, top, bottom anywhere in your blog or website. Whenever your visitors visit on your blog, they see that LinkedIn link and after clicking on it, they will automatically go on your profile.

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