Top 7 Widget Must Be On Your Blog Sidebar

Sidebar is an important section that may be in right or left side of your blog. It comprises of different types of widget. Widget positioning and its type should be carefully select to give most of your blogging. Hence we are talking about some essential widget for your sidebar.

Search Widget

It is in top of this list though it is very important on your blog and its top position in sidebar is most recommended position. User can easily navigate to different articles on your blog and it save their time in finding post.
Blogger team provided official search widget which can be easily install in sidebar with just a few click. Get it from Blogger Dashboard / Layout / Add a Gadget / Search Box.

Subscription Widget

It covers second position in sidebar and again it is the most important widget. It maintain a strong bonding between readers and author by providing several subscription option in one widget. It is also a solid proof of your great readership and you can show it off by displaying total subscription count. We have collection of different types of Subscription widget.

Popular Post Widget

It is the third widget of this list and as the name suggest it shows your most viewed posts in descending order means the post with maximum views will be at top position and rest one will lie below it. It is available in gadget list and can be add up to blog with 2-3 click. Blogger team provide several customization option through which total number of post shows, post thumbnail etc can be adjust.

Google Friend Connect

It is a cool widget but unfortunately it is supported only in Blogger not in WordPress. If we talk about its feature it is an subscription option provided to readers which enables them to receive updates directly on Blogger Dashboard. You can add this widget in same way as you add above widget.

Label Categories

It is the fifth widget of this list and its positioning may be last in sidebar. It provide a way to reach a particular post. You can use number label widget  where an integer count is attached after every category which shows total number of post of a particular category or you can use Label cloud.

Profile Widget

It is a the widget that shows a short information about the author of blog and contain social media connectivity.

Recent Comment Widget

It is last widget of this category and it shows a list based on the total comments make by single reader. Officially Blogger doesn't provide any widget but Feedburner allows you to add this widget instantly.

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