Rank Youtube Videos To Earn More And Make Them Go Viral

Image result for youtube imagesThis post is for those who are trying to make some extra money from YouTube videos but fail to get sufficient views to their videos. To help you rank YouTube videos, I am going to share with  you a very interesting secret method which will definitely give a boost to your videos and make them go viral. By properly following this strategy your videos are going to rank at 1st or 2nd page on Google and making you earn huge amount of money.
Follow the below steps which will help you rank YouTube Videos higher in Google and other search engines
Step 1: Visit 9gag.com where people share funny stuff
Step 2: here you will need to sign up for a free account

How To Rank Youtube Videos And Make Them Go Viral...

Step 4:  To look reputable in the eyes of 9 gags you will need to upload some funniest pictures, usually 3 to 5 pics are sufficient.
step 5: Now you will have to wait for at least a day or two, until other users at 9gags start sharing your pics
Step 6: From upload URL option on 9gag website Upload a YouTube video of yours. To get more shares and make your video viral you should create really attractive title for your video. Just for example your video is related to hacking tactics then you can set your video title as “OMG, A 9 years old guy creates a software that can hack any email account”.
How To Rank Youtube Videos And Make Them Go Viral.

To represent yourself as regular and genuine user at 9gag make sure you continue to upload at least one funny picture or video every day. This will bring more views and shares for your YouTube Videos that you have already uploaded at 9gag.
This strategy will rapidly increase ranking of your videos as a result of lot of views and embeds at 9gag.com. If you have selected a really catchy title for your video then there are chances that people may like and comment on your videos resulting into more views and embeds.
Helpful Tip: You can Google for 9gag alternatives and follow the above mentioned strategy on these websites as well to rank YouTube videos.


You can rank YouTube videos and get more views just uploading your videos at 9gag website by following a simple to apply aforementioned strategy. Hope you have enjoyed this post, do share this post with yours friends and drop your comments below.Video embeds help you to increase your video ranking as well as to increase your views

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