How Well do You Know Your True Self?

Who are you?  No, it’s not a trick question and I am not asking for your name. I am also not asking
for your résumé, marital status, or life history. Those things may be a reflection of who you are, but my question goes a little deeper than that.
I’m asking how well you actually know yourself as a person. In other words, who are you underneath all the trappings and titles? What do you see when you look at your very core? Who is that inner person walking around in your body, doing your job, and managing your life? How would you describe your true self?

Why does it matter who you are?

Most people are not very in touch with their true self. From a young age we are asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I think the emphasis should be more on “WHO” you want to be instead of what. In reality, “what” is just a role we play and it may have very little to do with our true identity as a person.
How can we align our life with our true self if we don’t really know who we are? How can we harmonize our environment with our deepest values and passions if we have never discovered our innermost true self?
Our ability to find meaning and purpose in this journey we call life hinges on how well we actually know ourselves. Discovering our true self can open the door to a life that feels fulfilling and exciting. Here’s a list of seven different aspects of YOU that merit your attention.

7 Things you need to discover about your true self

1) Find your values. These are the things that matter most to you on the deepest levels. What are your personal values and standards? What are your priorities and your beliefs? Do you understand why these things are important to you? What level of commitment are you willing to make to your personal standards and ethics? How true do you want to be to your true self?
2) Understand your strengths.  What natural abilities do you possess and which ones do you want to cultivate and develop? The strengths you have and those you develop are your personal assets. They give you a unique position in life and you need to be aware of them. This includes your emotional strengths and your ability to express love and appreciation.
3) Know your passions.  What are you passionate about? What is it that gets you excited or demands your undivided attention? What activities and pursuits make you feel really alive? You can’t build your life around your passions if you haven’t figured out what they are. Making sure that your passions align with your values and standards is vital when trying to create internal harmony.
4) Identify your tendencies. Your tendencies often become habits, either good or bad. Do you tend to jump into things on a whim? Do you procrastinate or over react? Knowing your habitual tendencies can help you to analyze areas that need some improvement. It can also help you identify which tendencies most contribute to your strengths and successes.
5) Acknowledge your limitations. You will never be the very best at everything. It’s better to know which skills or activities are beyond your ability for now. That way you can delegate those things to others while you focus your energy where it’s the most effective. We can all improve our abilities in most areas of life, so don’t view current limitations as permanent. Just be realistic in your personal assessment. Honesty is a prerequisite to knowing your true self.
6) Set your goals. What do you really want to achieve? What kind of person do you want to grow into? Goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic. Clarity is a key ingredient when it comes to setting your goals. Clarity leads to action, lack of clarity leads to confusion and inaction.
7) Establish your direction. Where in life does your true self want to take you? Once you understand your values, strengths, passions, tendencies, limitations and goals – you need to have a destination to move toward, a direction. Don’t worry about reaching your destination because in reality – it’s the journey that counts. So pick a direction that represents genuine happiness and move toward it, and then let life unfold before you.

Take the time to get to know yourself

You are a beautiful and unique individual. You have a wonderful blend of amazing abilities and qualities combined in a distinctive and exceptional way. Why not spend some time really getting to know your true self? It will certainly be time well spent.
How well have you gotten to know your true self?
Do you feel in touch with yourself on the deepest levels?

If you’re ready to discover your core values and passions, and make a deeper connection with your true self, then you’re ready to Find Your TRUE SELF.

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