Create Content that Generates 1,000 Visitors Every Single Day

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Are you looking to bring 1000+ daily visitors to your blog?
Want to boost your blog traffic to increase your sales?
If you’re finding it hard to improve your website traffic, this detailed guide is for you.
Have you ever thought why your content doesn’t get any attention?
There might be many reasons, but the major reason could be the “lack of content promotion”. Failing to promote your blog posts is the surefire way to create content that gets no attention.
Spend 80% of your time on promoting your content and 20% on creation. The more you promote your content the more social shares, comments and links it will get. It’s as simple as that.
Unfortunately, most bloggers are doing the opposite – they are spending 80% of their time on content creation and 20% on promotion. Why create more content when no one is reading, sharing or linking to it?

Let’s now discuss the key strategies to create high performing content that gets a lot of attention from search engines and other blogs.

How to create top-notch content that attracts more readers?

Use a variety of keywords within the post

Keyword stuffing no longer works. If you are not using the right combination of keywords, you will not generate any traffic from search engines to your blog posts.
The best way to increase your search rankings is to do proper on-page optimization.
Make sure to perform the keyword research before writing and publishing your blog posts. Finding profitable keywords isn’t that hard if you are a beginner to SEO.
Here are few essential tips to find the best keywords in your niche.
  • Make use of keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, Keyword Planner, WordTracker, SEMrush etc to find the relevant keywords in your niche.
  • Always give top priority for finding long tail keywords. They usually contain more than 2 to 3 keywords and often have less competition. This makes it easier for you to rank higher for the keywords even if you have a new blog with limited backlinks.

Using long tail and LSI keywords

Long tail keywords generally contain more than 2 to 3 keyword phrases where LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are the relevant words of the keywords you are targeting. By making use of these two combinations of keywords on your blog posts, you will be able to attract more visitors from search engines.
Once you are done with the keyword research, make sure to find the primary and secondary keywords of any post you write. Use them sparingly on headlines, meta description, image alt tags and links. That way you will be able to bring more visibility from search engines.

Find the content that is already popular

Creating content based on a proven framework is the best way to get more incoming links to your blog posts. If you find older content that already did well in terms of attracting links and social shares, by creating something even better to the existing content, you can increase your search traffic quickly.
Let’s discuss it in 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Find content that is performing well
Step 2: Create extremely good content around it
Step 3: Outreach to other bloggers who have shared and linked to the existing top performing content
In the first step, you’ll have to find the top performing content in your niche.
You can use tools like Topsy, Buzzsumo, Moz etc to find the most popular contents in your niche. Just enter the keywords you want to target and you will come up with a lot of popular posts, videos, and infographics that get a lot of shares and backlinks.
In the next step, you have to create better content around those topics that are already doing well in terms of attracting links and shares.
For instance, if you find a top blog post titled “5 Steps To Speed Up Your Website” in your niche, you can create even better content something like “101 Ways To Speed Up Your Website”.
I hope you get the point. The more detailed content you write, the more link opportunities you will get. Make sure to focus on writing timeless content around the topics that are already performing well. This is the most important factor in getting more links and shares using the Skyscraper technique.
In the final step, you can reach out to other bloggers and people who have linked to the previous top content in your niche. You can even contact the blog authors who created the original content to link to your latest blog post. If they find it really useful, they will definitely link back to your site.
In a nutshell, to create content that generates 1000+ visitors each day, you will have to find top performing topics in your niche instead of writing what you think will go viral. That way you will be able to quickly capture the attention of more bloggers and attract more links and shares to increase your overall website traffic.

Write in-depth articles over short length posts

I know it’s easier to create articles with 500 – 600 words. But they are not really useful, for either search engines or your blog readers. Focus on spending quality time on crafting in-depth articles on your blog to get more attention from other bloggers.
Also, search engines are giving top priority to web pages that have over 2,000 words. By writing detailed articles, you will not only boost your search traffic but you are helping your blog readers to solve their problems by writing data-driven content.
When you write long-form content, it will stay relevant for months or even years to come and that is the key to generating more traffic from search engines to your posts.

Promotion is more important than creation

Make sure you leave plenty of time for blogger outreach. Contact the influencers, your blogging peers and everyone else who you think would be a help to reaching a wider audience with your content.
The key here is to have good relationships with other bloggers. Before seeking any help from others, make sure to promote them first.
Well-written posts are always helpful in building loyal audience but you need to reach out to other bloggers to give more visibility to your posts.
Here are few tried and tested ways to promote your content to increase your blog exposure.
  • While creating content, quote experts and link to them. After publishing it, make sure to email all the bloggers who you’ve quoted from your posts.
  • Create infographics around your popular content to attract more links and shares. Infographics always grab bloggers attention and they can easily go viral on social media sites.
  • Use your email lists to get more exposure. Always send newsletters whenever you publish something interesting on your blog.
  • Your content should be shared on social media with the intent of actually helping others and starting a discussion about the content you promote. How are you supposed to make your posts go viral if no one discusses it? So start engaging with others on social media.
  • Find and share others’ content with your network and tag people whenever you share their stuff. Blogging is all about helping others. Before seeking others’ help to spread the word about your content, make sure to share their content.

Final thoughts about creating content that attracts 1000+ visitors every single day

  • Write powerful headlines that make your audience click on your posts.
  • Create content that is immensely helpful.
  • Reach out to other bloggers, link to their posts frequently and ask for the favor to attract more social shares and incoming links.
  • Spend more time on content promotion than content creation. If you spend 5 hours in writing a post, spend at least 20 hours in promoting it on social media sites, email lists, blogging forums, creating videos or Infographics etc.
So what do you think? Do you have any more content marketing strategies that will help you bring 1000+ visitors every day? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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