Best 6 Android Applications For Bloggers

Now a days blogging become very popular as it allows you to interact or exchange ideas all over the world and you have to be every time connected to Internet so that it allows you to get every time charged up with different type of ideas. Android operating system that supported by different types of cellphones, tablets devices. Many thanks to Android system who gave birth to large applications that enables bloggers to get everywhere connected. The top 6 Android for bloggers written here covers all the useful Android  application that can make your blogging carrier smother. So lets discuss all these apps one by one.


Blogger, a most important apps for those people whose blog is hosted on Blogger. It is released by Google itself and its functionality gives a chance to publish blog post immediately. But as we look through user review, they sometimes find difficulty in uploading photos or publish post as draft whereas some people really recommend this apps now your tern comes and share whether you like it or not.  


WordPress, the most popular platform on the Internet. This full functionality apps allow you to create, edit and delete your blog post, checking your comment status or uploading your photos. Based on review this apps generally performed all the functions well. 

Powerful Webmaster Tools

Currently it is the best SEO tool available as a users feedback. It is a complete bundle of all the tracking tools that you have need to measure your blogging success. It provides Google Page rank information, Number of pages indexed by different search engines, Alexa rank, Facebook like counts and much more. I think it is the complete SEO tool for blogger and can fulfill all the SEO requirement of bloggers.


If you have need to look through the dictionary while writing your blog post then obviously this apps is for you. It is a full functionality dictionary that servers all the important operations of a dictionary like Audio pronunciation, voice search, search history, daily updated, word origin and much more. 

Photo Editor

Blogging can't continue without some useful images that' why we have included this photo editor apps. Its is a powerful application that comprises of many functions like effect, rotate, crop, color adjustment and more or in other words we can say that it is small Photoshop tools for your device and you can do as much task as you can do with your desktop tool.

Google Analytic

Google Analytic shows you to real time statistics of your blog so that you can track your blog performance but this apps doesn't satisfy users so if you want to track the audience then you can use some other paid apps which works best.

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