Secrets Of A Self Made Millionaire

What are the secrets of self made millionaires?Are those people different than the rest of the world? or do they posses something that most people don't posses?.

The biggest secret of self made millionaires is that they have no secret!!!
Some people think that in order to become millionaires they need to get access to some secret knowledge while in fact becoming a millionaire is all about following a certain well known pattern and sticking to it as much as you can.
So you might be wondering, if there are no secrets that self made millionaires knew and if the approach is quite clear then why don't most people become millionaires?
The answer is simple, 96% of people are too lazy to apply the well known plan.

The true secrets of self made millionaires

I call them essential elements of knowledge, some people call them secrets of self made millionaires
but in the end you won't be rich before you follow them whatever their name was. Here they are:
  • Have a burning desire to become a millionaire: This is the biggest secret that motivates all self made millionaires. I have many friends who want to become rich and to drive a Ferrari but when i ask them what are they doing to get it they say nothing!! In order to become a self made millionaire you need to have a burning desire instead of just day dreaming about it then wondering why you aren't becoming rich. I call this burning desire the get rich or die trying approach
  • Know that most people know nothing: The second secret of self made millionaires is that they understand that 99% of the people who put them down if not 100% of those people know nothing. If anyone saw you attempting to do something that he didn't do then there is a big possibility that he will try to put you down. A successful self made millionaire is the one who becomes aware of this fact and so never becomes affected by people's criticism
  • A successful self made millionaire knows that it wont happen from the first attempt: The most important secret every self made millionaire knows is that success doesn't usually happen at the first attempt. In Ultimate guide to becoming rich i explained how i managed to go through many failures before i created the business that made me a millionaire. If you understood this secret well then setbacks will be less likely to put you down
  • Negative feedback: The fourth most important secret every self made millionaire knows is that learning happens through negative feedback. This means that you wont learn how to do something right before you do it incorrectly. If each failed attempt taught you something then sooner or later you will find out what works.

Final words about secrets of self made millionaires

As you saw there are no secrets at all that self made millionaires know and even though i called these tips secrets its clear that they are all well known advice.
The reason why so many people never manage to become millionaires is that they want the easy and quick approach. The don't want to try and fail nor they want to face any rejections. They just want to sleep, day dream then find themselves rich without doing any effort.
The secret of becoming a self made millionaire is not getting access to secret knowledge but its all about knowing that laziness is the number one enemy of people who want to be rich.

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