How to Get Free Google Adsense Account without website

Google adsense is one of the most innovative way to earn money by displaying ads on web,blog,forum or articles.
Actually there is no tricks to get google adsense account without website. Some peoples make fool others by creating adsense account through other websites and try to cell this account but its wrong. Other website like  blogger, flixya, indyarocks, docstoc. These websites have revenue sharing system.
Given below 5 websites allow to make adsense account without website. So, don't pay for those adsense account which makes by these website.


Flixya is a great website to creat adsense account.
Flixya is a website to share photos, videos and blogs and its powered by Google Adsense itself so its more than chances to account approval.

Firstly just sign up for an account flixya. 10 or more photos upload to flixya and share this photos. Then creat  a blog and apply for Adsense

2. Docstoc

This is very simple and easy to get Google adsense account. Docstoc is a website to upload and share documents.

Firstly just sign up for dosctoc account. Next step is upload documents such as presentation or txt documents. But make sure that this documents are a well written form other wise don't upload documents to 100 % get Google Adsense account. Next step is after uploading documents go to your mailbox, open adsense link and apply for an adsense.

Get free Google adsense account without website

3. Indyarocks

Indyarocks is a social networking site. Here is you can make friends share photos or status.
First step is create a account in IndyaRocks and complete your profile.
Second step create more than 5 blogs when you have done it then apply for Google Adsense applications.

4. Webanswers

Webanswers is a Question answer website like a yahoo answers. Here is you can ask questions or answers on verious topics

First step is open the website and sign up.
Second step is you just give the answers atleast 10 questions or ask at least 10 questions. After some time you have mail from google to open adsense account.
Fill out the Google adsense applications with fullfill details.


5. Hubpages is a website where people post their articles and get paid out of it.
Hubpages is a revenue sharing website. They will pay you for sharing your articles on any subject.
You can apply for adsense account via hubpages revenue.


6. Youtube

visit Youtube and create new account with your verified Gmail ID. Make sure you select United States as your country. After creating your account go to Settings tab and click on Monetize link. Enable the monetize option and soon you will get welcome email from Google. Start uploading videos into your account and make money online

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