Blogging Capsules To Increase Google Adsense Earnings

I’m blogging with this blog from past approx 5 months and what I learn in these passing days to increase my Adsense income is that I was missing great revenue by not doing effective blogging.
Effective blogging means smart blogging that makes us good money in our pocket. There are lots of ways to increase our Google Adsense Earnings shared by various bloggers. I tried all those ways but not get result that gives me reason to bring naughty smile on my face.😀
Less CTR (Click Through Rate) and poor CPC (Click Per Cost) both are the responsible for our headache.
  • How to deal with them?
  • How to increase CTR and CPC to boost Adsense revenue?
This is the question that gives deep pain to our blogging efforts.
Today I’m feeling as a doctor who has tasty capsules to get relief from this pain. Do you want to
get these capsules? Absolutely yes! Right?
But let me confirm you one thing. These capsules are not free of cost. You have to pay for them and the charge for these capsules is your hardwork. :)
Do you have that caliber to do what I’m going to tell you? If yes, then continue reading.

Boost Your Adsense Income

So, you are ready to start. Nice 😉
Let’s go ahead and start working on some fool strategies to make more money from your adsense ads.

Capsule 1# – Guest Blogging

Have you ever thought how guest blogging can help us to increase Google Adsense earnings? No! :O
Then seriously you should try it once and I’m damn sure that you’ll love it.
How Guest Blogging is Effective for More Earnings?
You are thinking about this. Right? You naughty guys, always ready with genuine questions. But I have some cool answers to deal with your all questions.
When we write post for big blogs, our post get published and promoted among the wider and smart audience. We get new targeted audience to our blog that increase chances of getting clicks on our advertisements. Here we get the victory against the low CTR. 😉
Getting traffic from different blog and audience also increase chances to get traffic from UK, US countries that give us high CPC with clicks on our ads.
I think now you got my point why I’m calling Guest Blogging a super capsule to get relief from low Adsense earnings.

Capsule 2# – Keywords Selection With A Little Trick

We all know that choosing high paying keywords is the key of success. But wait. Think for 3 minutes (Kidding, you can think for a day also :P) and you’ll come to know that your competitors are also targeting the same high paying keywords.
Probably you may have no answer. If you really have the answer, then hats off to you. :)
But if you are really in thought to find answers of these questions, then I’m here to reveal the little trick.
If you are not getting high rankings, then choose low competitive keywords to get possibly the higher rankings. Target those keywords and build some quality backlinks. You can easily rank higher in search results with those low competitive keywords.
Now, we take tricky part in action. Choose some really high paying keywords matching to your content and spread them smartly in any of your paragraph in the article. Place Google Ads directly near to that paragraph. Doing so, you’ll get high paying advertisements possible matching to your keywords.
I do an experiment to check is this trick works or not and I got shocked with the results. Below is the screenshot of the advertisement that really match with the keyword in the paragraph near to that advertisement.
Increase Adsense Revenue
Do Experiment and Get High Paying Advertisements :D
What you’ll say about this fact? Please share your thoughts in the comment section and note that here PolishMyWriting is not my main keywords. It’s just a demo to show you how ads appear matching to the content.

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