Ways To Reduce Your Blog Load Time

Almost every newbie blogger fails when it comes to reducing blog load time. Most of the tutorials that are available on reducing the time taken for a website to load are often un-clear or incomplete. We decided to share our way of solving this problem. Below are 11 really interesting and important tips to decrease the load time of your blogs by almost 90%.

Link To All images Inside Your Template From Blogger

I shared an important tip tomorrow about creating an Image Backup in Blogger and then Linking to All Images From there. Most of you use templates that are not officially provided by Blogger. These templates often contain images that are saved on services like tinypic or photobucket. When your blog loads the browser has to connect to all servers which link to your images, as a result leading to immense delay in the loading time of your blog. What you must do is replace all such images with those that you have saved inside blogger as explained in the my previous post. The advantage of doing so will be this that the browser will need to connect only to blogger while loading your images. Thus saving time.
Save All Images in GIF or PNG Format

GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format” and PNG stands for “Portable Network Graphics” Both these formats are well compressed, smaller in size and widely supported by all browsers. But if size is concerned PNG compresses far better than GIF. In typical cases up to 5-25%.  There are some transparency issues with PNG in IE6 but since IE7 is widely used these days, transparency is nor more an issue. Using any of these image formats will tremendously reduce the load time of your blogs by 60% i.e 70-90KB The size is an approximate for my blog and true size depends on the number of images you use.

Give Proper Dimensions To Images

Giving each image a specific width and height will make it easy for the browser to load the image quickly. Always decrease the size of an image if the original size is larger. The general HTML code for an image looks like the one below,
The width and height will require a value in pixels. One pixel equals a dot on the screen. A Full size image on my blog will have a width=”590px” and height can be as long as I want. 590px almost equals the width of my posts. Hope that gives you an idea on how to choose width and height values for your images. Browsers find it easy to load images whose dimensions are specified. Make sure you make it your habit to specify a proper size for your images. If you use Windows Live Writer your life will become far easy.

Save All JavaScript Inside Blogger

Why should you link to external sites for storing your JavaScript whilst you can easily save it in Blogger! Save All your JavaScript codes inside your templates just above
using the code below,
The bolded text is where you must paste the JavaScript code that you use in your template by linking to an external site.
To find a JavaScript URL that links to external site, search for 

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