Top 7 Recommended Ways to Make Money Online

Now days, it is certainly possible to make money online. Whether you want to supplement your income source or to make a full-time income. Can be done without investing a single cent from your pocket ever, learn how to make money online. In this article I outlined top ways to make money online including blogging, selling e-books, and even affiliate marketing. Feel free to explore the ideas on this site, join the discussions under article or suggest an idea we haven’t thought of yet…


There are two ways to make cash through blogging: either by earning commission from advertising banners placed on your own blog or by engaging in the practice of “sponsored” blogging. Google’s Ad Sense remains one of the most popular solutions. Just establish yourself a decent blog, configure the ads and see what happens. Sponsored blogging on the other hand is an altogether more calculated affair, many websites such as Blogitive and PayPerPost providing a platform through which companies essentially contract bloggers to post favorable content about their products in exchange for cash. An Example of blog is itself.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing business is one of the effective ways of generating revenue on the internet. All big players’ success lies in this expertise. Affiliate marketing business is the way of promoting ones business through affiliates and affiliates are paid commission when they make a sale. In layman terms “people selling other’s product and receive commission accordingly”
For this technique of online money making you would need to join any affiliate networks, there so many but recommended is Sign up and create free account there.
Research the market product. You can choose the product that is currently hot and is selling a lot. Then create a separate website for each product. Afterwards get the targeted traffic to your product. You can also try out a recommended forex affiliate program. 

3. Writing Reviews or Writing Letters

One of the most popular reasons many people use the Internet is to research products before buying them. This is the most important and most popular content online. If you are good at writing product reviews, then there are countless opportunities to earn income from your written opinions.
If you are the best person among your friends at the letter writing? Then consider spending your summer creating custom letters at Letter Rep. Yes, this website isn’t exactly the best of the site in the world – but by submitting letters to custom letter, you stand to earn $10 per letter. Not only that, future visitors to the site can also purchase your letters, making your pile of work a wonderful source of residual income.

4. Programming

If you are an ace programmer then you would end this summer with thousands of dollars under your belt. Whether you are skilled at C/C++, Java, flash or can build professional websites from scratch or even like to make some games on the side, there are numerous freelance programming work opportunities online. Even if you have a full time software design job, you could find something that you could accomplish quickly and make some extra money as well. Elance covers everything from programming and writing to consulting and design, while RentACoder focuses on software, natch.

5. Flipping Websites and its domain

Domain flipping is the process of buying a domain name and sells it later for more money. If you find yourself easy in little bit more effort then you will be earning more cash with little more investment of time. First find a today’s online hot topic and build up a website having unique domain name, building up a website and keep on building it up until it gets noticed by the people in the relevant subject. This will cost you some time as it gets indexed by the Google. After wards you can sell it to someone else.
If the above method is not appealing to you then buy a website which is having some reasonable traffic at the moment. It requires some research effort from you regarding keyword. Now you should develop it in order to build the traffic. After a few months when you start earning dollars you can think about selling it to cash your research and dev work.

6. Selling photos

If you regularly have Wow! Awesome! and aWWw!comments on your flicker accounts then it means you are destined for photographic greatness or may be for some extra dollars, by selling your photos on stock photography sites such as FotoliaDreamstimeShutterstock, and Big Stock Photo. It is simply to get your photos out in public which means there is tremendous amount of competition but it also builds up a secondary source of income for you.

7. Make Money from Ebay

Ebay is a great place to go when you want to buy something that’s not available in your area. Not only you can buy great items on Ebay, you can make lot of money using the most popular internet auction resource. You can sell the items on Ebay that you no longer want like iPods, DVD players, MP3 players, computers. And also very popular are books, jewelry, movies, clothes and cars to make more and more money. If you are good at selling then why not start selling on Ebay, buy items at wholesale prices and sell them for a bit more.


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