How To Make Money By Tweeting

Twitter is a social networking website which is used by so many people worldwide. To use twitter first you will need to make a twitter account and then you can start tweeting. How to make money by tweeting is a question that would be raised in the mind of all the readers. Read the article to get the answer and know how to make money by tweeting.

Stay Active on Twitter

Stay active on twitter for maximum time. It’s not like you sign up to twitter and money will start coming to your account. You are
required to do a little effort for this. Stay active and learn all features and aspects of twitter. Try to catch the attention of people. Make as much followers as you can.

Learn Marketing Techniques

In order to earn money via tweeting learn some basic concepts of marketing such as Internet marketing plans, how to generate lead and affiliate marketing. Different brands or firms are looking for people on twitter who can lead their twitter account to heights of popularity. In order to catch them you must present your own twitter account as resume or catalogue that should make them understand that you can do for them what they want. It is all about marketing and followers. So get both.

Represent your Business on Twitter

You can make your twitter account by the name of your business. The social media is an ideal platform for getting traffic on websites, so use this trick. If you have enough fame on twitter you will easily attract clients who are looking for twitter representative.

Affiliate Marketing

Once your twitter account is followed by large number of people you can cash your fame. Find out what is the key interest of your followers as you would earlier had set targeted audience. Then contact the websites or blogs on similar topics. You can offer them to post their ads and links on your twitter account and get paid by them. This marketing technique is worth trying for twitter.

Promote Products

Many companies are in search of popular twitter accounts to post the advertisements and descriptions of their products. You can contact them and offer your service as a platform of advertisements for their products. Along with the ads you can put URL of product along with the description which can attract readers to visit the page and buy the product. The company will pay you for this.

Sell your Own Services and Products

If you are an entrepreneur you can promote yourself and your business through twitter. You can sell your services and products through twitter and get your business popular. The more you will promote it the more will people get to know about your services and products.
So given above briefly is the answer of the question How to make money by tweeting. This is a simple but a bit tricky work but many people are getting so much fame and money via tweeting.

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