How To increase AdSense earnings almost instantly (case studies)

Everybody wants to increase their AdSense earnings and the good news is that there is a way to start gaining more money from Adsense almost instantly without breaking any rules or guidelines.
Below you will read what happened when we applied that method
on 2 different client websites that run Adsense and the immediate effect it had on their earnings.

So, what is the magic solution?

Anyone that is working online for a number of years knows that there are no magic solutions when it comes to SEO or making money online. Everything you achieve is after a lot of hard work and continuous testing of different scenarios that can increase your traffic or earnings.
In regards to Adsense, I did explain in the past that it is possible to make money with Adsense but you have to ensure that you do everything ‘by the book’ without doing anything that may put your Adsense account in danger.
What I will explain below is in accordance with Adsense guidelines and in fact it is something recommended by Adsense since besides increasing your earnings it also improves the user experience and interaction with Adsense ads.
Responsive websites and ad units can increase your traffic and earnings
To get to the point, on the January 2014 Newsletter, Adsense raised the importance of having multi-screen optimized pages and encouraged publishers to try out the responsive ad units. This was not something new for Adsense as the responsive ad units were first introduced in July 2013 (and they are still in BETA) but something that did not get too much attention in the industry.
2014 is going to be the year of responsive web design and it is expected that responsive Adsense units will see a dramatic increase as more and more website owners appreciate the advantages of responsive design over traditional or mobile only designs.
Responsive ad units can be used on responsive websites only and they have the embedded logic to resize depending on the available ad space, which depends on the screen size.
A responsive design is also Google’s recommended configuration for creating smartphone optimized websites.

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