Increase Website Rank and Traffic for free through Link Exchange

A very nice human way to generate free traffic, increase your website rank and get additional backlinks all at the same time with just few seconds of work is by doing Link Exchange. Just how it sounds it’s all about exchanging links with other webmasters (you place their link on your website and they placer yours on theirs).

This is a very common practice and is mostly used by bloggers. Big budget websites also engage on Link Exchange but mostly by purchasing from other High PR website to increase their own PR, the higher the PR and Alexa rank of a website the more valuable the backlink is. Here I will give you few tips to consider and how to start building traffic and rank through Link Exchange.

The first thing you need to know is that this is one of the easiest way to generate free traffic and get quality backlinks at no cost. To use this type of strategy you need to have your own website or blog where you can add your partner’s link.
The first step to start Link Exchanging is to find websites and / or blogs that are related to yours discussing the same topics, this will give you better ranking and be considered as a more valuable backlink by the Search Engines.
Once you find a few website then you need to contact the owner of that website asking to exchange links, if he / she is not familiar with it you can explain by telling that is a win-win situation where both get free traffic from each other by placing a single link on their website. If you are getting started more likely your website Alexa rank will be very low and other webmasters might disagree to your offer, in this case you can offer them to add their link in a place that is quickly visible to compensate for your low rank. As your website grows it doesn’t matter where you have the links it will always benefit the other person.
I am starting Link Exchanging for this blog right now as I write this post.
If you have a website or blog that is related to online money making and / or advertising feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to exchange links with you.
A great way to get backlinks to your website is by leaving a comment BELOW, this will also increase your rank and traffic for free
I hope you find this guide useful..

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